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Air Cote D'Ivoire
Country: CI
> ArrivalsFlightOriginTime
MondayHF31San Pedro Airport (CI)10:45
MondayHF821Libreville Airport (GA)11:24
MondayHF521Cotonou Airport (BJ)11:34
MondayHF251Algiers (DZ)15:00
MondayHF45Korhogo Airport (CI)14:35
MondayHF701Aéroport B. Diagne (SN)19:17
TuesdayHF511Lome G. Eyadema Airport (TG)10:40
TuesdayHF521Cotonou Airport (BJ)11:17
TuesdayHF731Th. Sankara Ouagadougou (BF)17:35
TuesdayHF701Aéroport B. Diagne (SN)19:01
TuesdayHF251Ndjamena (TD)18:47
TuesdayHF35San Pedro Airport (CI)18:45
WednesdayHF831Maya Maya Airport (CG)11:10
WednesdayHF501Kotoka Airport (GH)10:25
WednesdayHF821Libreville Airport (GA)11:22
WednesdayHF45Korhogo Airport (CI)14:35
WednesdayHF731Th. Sankara Ouagadougou (BF)17:35
WednesdayHF701Aéroport B. Diagne (SN)19:07
WednesdayHF741Niamey Airport (NE)17:55
ThursdayHF501Kotoka Airport (GH)10:25
ThursdayHF839Pointe Noire Airport (CG)11:23
ThursdayHF511Lome G. Eyadema Airport (TG)11:08
ThursdayHF521Cotonou Airport (BJ)11:34
ThursdayHF731Th. Sankara Ouagadougou (BF)17:45
ThursdayHF701Aéroport B. Diagne (SN)19:05
ThursdayHF35San Pedro Airport (CI)18:45
FridayHF501Kotoka Airport (GH)10:59
FridayHF521Cotonou Airport (BJ)12:03
FridayHF49Korhogo (CI)15:10
FridayHF721Conakry Airport (GN)19:57
FridayHF731Th. Sankara Ouagadougou (BF)17:59
FridayHF701Aéroport B. Diagne (SN)19:56
SaturdayHF831Maya Maya Airport (CG)11:01
SaturdayHF511Lome G. Eyadema Airport (TG)10:30
SaturdayHF501Kotoka Airport (GH)10:25
SaturdayHF821Libreville Airport (GA)11:26
SaturdayHF521Cotonou Airport (BJ)10:35
SaturdayHF741Niamey Airport (NE)17:55
SaturdayHF731Th. Sankara Ouagadougou (BF)18:19
SaturdayHF701Aéroport B. Diagne (SN)20:03
SaturdayHF35San Pedro Airport (CI)18:45
SundayHF839Pointe Noire Airport (CG)10:44
SundayHF803Nsimalen Airport (CM)10:40
SundayHF511Lome G. Eyadema Airport (TG)10:40
SundayHF521Cotonou Airport (BJ)10:35
SundayHF501Kotoka Airport (GH)11:33
SundayHF751Monrovia (LR)17:24
SundayHF721Conakry Airport (GN)17:55
SundayHF731Th. Sankara Ouagadougou (BF)17:35
SundayHF701Aéroport B. Diagne (SN)19:02
SundayHF741Niamey Airport (NE)18:32
Disclaimer: the above timetable is given as an indication. Furthermore, codeshared flights may not be displayed.

The last delays recently noted:

AirlineFlightDelay on departureDelay on arrival
HF701 on 09/2020
HF701 on 09/2020
HF831 on 09/2020
HF701 on 09/2020
HF821 on 08/2020
HF821 on 08/2020
HF523 on 08/2020
HF511 on 01/2020
HF501 on 01/2020
HF711 on 01/2020
HF803 on 01/2020
HF521 on 01/2020
HF501 on 01/2020
HF701 on 01/2020
HF711 on 01/2020
HF721 on 01/2020
HF721 on 01/2020
HF701 on 01/2020
HF711 on 01/2020
HF821 on 01/2020
HF521 on 01/2020
HF803 on 01/2020
HF701 on 01/2020
HF741 on 01/2020
HF711 on 01/2020
HF711 on 01/2020
HF701 on 01/2020
HF501 on 12/2019
HF711 on 12/2019
HF721 on 12/2019
Temperature: 27°C
Partly Cloudy
Humidity: 79%
Wind: SSW at 17km/h
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Fri 18th September - PM

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